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Tea Gift Box

by Bloom Teas

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Five boxes of flavours with 10 teabags in each box.

BLOOM has combined 5 luxurious teas with the first daily 'treatment plan' so you can also benefit from regular rehydration and naturally boosting your immune system with powerful antioxidants throughout your day.

These teas blend ingredients that support your body's changing needs from kick-starting metabolism when you wake up to relaxing before bedtime and together they create a simple 5-step Tea Treatment Plan™ with added health benefits:

1. Benefit from a variety of antioxidants (from 5 different teas)

2. Get well-timed nutrition (e.g. digestive ingredients at lunch)

3. Regular hydration can also help reduce water retention

4. Lift your energy levels and help improve concentration

5. Increase your metabolism and help lower cholesterol

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