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Sara Happ

In 2005 Sara Happ realized there was a hole in the beauty market, after Googling, "lip scrub" and finding no results. "My sole purpose was to create the greatest lip product imaginable. My motto was: The world doesn't need another lip balm. It needs the perfect one." A cult product was born the moment the lip scrub by Sara Happ ® hit shelves in Los Angeles.
In 2008, her highly anticipated follow up, the lip slip ®: one luxe balm quickly became known as the richest, glossiest, most luxurious balm in stores. Today it is the company's #1 bestseller.
What began in Sara's kitchen is now a phenomenon from Tokyo to Copenhagen. Today she is expanding her line into an eclectic collection of staples made to solve universal beauty dilemmas, offering an effective solution wrapped in her signature "nightstand worthy" gift box and bow. She is simply doing what she does best: creating products she herself can't live without.

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Sara Happ