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Pop Beauty

Pop Beauty - Shakeup your makeup!
It’s all about being beautiful for you, not anyone else! It’s about taking the lead and then watching who follows. Be a beat breaker, a daredevil, a soul shaker! It stays true to your colour. Is it you? It’s a disco ball and a raspberry mojito. It’s humour and fearlessness. It’s a night camping in a field or a night at the opera. It’s POP art. It’s jumping in the pool with your party dress on and not worrying about your makeup. It’s today. It’s urgent. It’s here. It’s POP.
Shake up your makeup and light up your life with the colour intensive, vibrant makeup range from international artist and European pop sensation Sara Strand. With bright colours and sheer textures, there's something for all ages and purposes to create hot-to-trot fashion forward looks in easy to carry compacts that will take you from day to play.
The POP Factor!

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Pop Beauty