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Just Lashes by Ja'maal Buster

Ja'Maal Buster has established a reputation in the beauty industry for his art with lashes. When Ja'Maal holds a woman's face in his hands and looks into her eyes-his goal is to make her look and feel a little more beautiful. An expert in false eyelash application, Buster doesn't just add fullness and length to lashes, his specialty is custom tailoring each set of lashes to best enhance the unique features of a womans face.

Ja'Maal talents soon got him noticed by LA and New York's top make-up artists and found himself creating bespoke lashes for photo shoots and cover shots. He now works consistently with Barbadian songstress Rhianna and has a huge amount of celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles sporting his lashes on a day to day basis.

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Just Lashes by Ja'maal Buster