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  • Magnifibres Brush On Lashes - Tried and Tested

    by Elaine
    Posted on April 23, 2013 in False Lashes, Mascara, Eyes, Make-Up, Uncategorized

    As a lover of the look of false lashes, but not of the feel of them, I jumped at the chance to try new Magnifibres!

    After applying your eye make-up remove any debris from your lashes: take a cotton bud and dip it into some eye make-up remover and gently rub over the lashes to remove any trace of eyeliner/shadow as it tends to be this that will fall onto your under eye area spoiling your make-up and not your mascara! Now you have the perfect base to start, begin by curling the lashes. I found this gave applying Magnifibres a better effect than on non-curled lashes.


    Step 1: Apply a generous coat of mascara to your lashes from root to tip

    Step 2: Immediately follow with a generous coat of Magnifibres again from root to tip; apply in the same way you would apply your mascara. Leave for 30-60 seconds and apply a second coat of mascara. It is best to do one eye at a time to ensure the initial coat of mascara is still wet allowing the fibres to adhere to your own lashes. The entire process is not time consuming as you can apply the first coat of mascara to one eye, then the fibres and while you wait for this to set you can carry out the same procedure to the other eye.

    Step 3: Finish both lashes with a second coat of mascara. You can use any mascara, I used my usual volume enhancing mascara.

    The product does not sit in clumps on your lashes once you have finished with your second coat of mascara nor does it stick you lashes together. I initially assumed the fibres would be suspended in some sort of cream or liquid, however they are not so don’t be alarmed to see the fibres just sitting on your first coat of mascara. They did not fall into my eye or cause any irritation which I often found happening with the glue for false lashes, also they didn’t fall off onto my face during the day. Another advantage of this product is it does not cause any damage to your own lashes which false lashes may do as you yank them off at the end of a night out. This product comes away with no effort as you remove you mascara.

    As a glasses wearer this is perfect for achieving a false lash effect, false lashes tends to catch on frames and lenses which is really irritating. I constantly forgot and use to apply them before I dried my hair which resulted in melted lashes, removal of lashes and a touch up of my eye makeup. I love the effect of false lashes but simply could not be bothered with the downsides I found with wearing them.

    This product provides a fantastic alternative to false lashes; its quick to use, looks great with and without glasses, doesn’t irritate or give the sense your eye is glued together, doesn’t cause damage to your own lashes and I even had the time to do it at 05:30 in the morning before my morning commute to work!

    My recommendation to you for the week is to absolutely try this product you will be amazed. I will fall for any gimmick even if it does not work I usually convince myself it has to justify my ridiculous purchase and believe me there have been lots!! This however is not one of them, it really does work! I love it.

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  • LVX Nail Colours Applied

    by Simona
    Posted on January 24, 2013 in Nail Polish Swatches, LVX Nail Lacquer, Nails

    LVX- new and exclusive to Mise Beauty and we are very excited to have this brand in stock.

    LVX- is a nail polish brand which creates long lasting, chip resistant vegan nail lacquer formulated without formaldehyde, resin, DBP, toluene or camphor. LVX is a deeply devoted fashion brand which selects top colours of the season.

    I’ve tried and tested this nail varnish myself and really liked it. I am quite fussy about nail varnishes as I work with nail products a lot and have tried a lot of different brands. I tend to test the varnish consistency & the brush first rather than the colour or the packaging, because if the former  two are right, it makes it so much easier to use and what’s more important, it makes it easy for fast application. As I never have enough time to spend on my nails or sit still waiting for them to dry, I really like this nail lacquer – after finishing painting the last nail, I touched the first nail painted to see if it was still sticky and it was already dry! That’s one box ticked for me!

    The brush is the ideal size – it fits in the medium category, so if someone has small nails they could cover the nails in one stroke, as well it would be an easy application on medium – large nails.

    The brush is soft so it allows for an even coverage, without streaks. We all know how hard it is to paint your nails when the nail varnish looks streaky & you end up doing loads of coats to try to cover it & in the end they never dry because of that!

    The range has 6 colours:- KokoGreige, Legendaire, Prussian, Sanguine & Midori. The colour appears much brighter on than it appears in the bottle. All the colours are quite a fashion statement as they are created to go with fashion/runway themes for each season. So you can be sure you will always be right on trend, because the LVX colours are created to perfectly compliment your wardrobe!

    My own favourite shade is Sanguine, as I like wine-ish/red shades, but am also drawn to Midori – which is a neon yellow-green shade – as it gets my nails noticed every time!

    The packaging is lovely – a black & silver box – which gives the range a luxurious feel, making a great gift idea, even if just for yourself!

    The bottle is quite chunky, but the exterior cap is easily removed revealing a small, non-slip cap beneath, which makes the application a breeze!

    LVX Nail Polish Midori

    LVX Nail Polish Midori

    LVX Nail Polish Prussian

    LVX Nail Polish Prussian

    LVX Nail Polish in Legendaire

    LVX Nail Polish in Legendaire

    LVX Nail Polish in Sanguine

    LVX Nail Polish in Greige

    LVX Nail Polish in Greige

    LVX Nail Polish in Koko

    LVX Nail Polish in Koko


  • Introducing LVX Nail Lacquers

    by MiseBeauty
    Posted on January 9, 2013 in New & Exclusive, LVX Nail Lacquer, Nails, Brands

    LVX (Pronounced Luxe) meaning light/the essence of colour, is an edgy, deeply devoted fashion brand that is dedicated to providing an in-depth understanding of high fashion trends and indulgence in luxury living.

    Founder and creative director Branka Tomic studies and scours the runways for the latest trends and translates them into polish collections that are like nail wardrobes to compliment each season’s styles.

    Impressively, these highly pigmented crème formula polishes require only one coat for perfect coverage. The packaging is absolutely stunning, with the square cap removable to reveal a smaller, round ridged cap for easy application.

    All LVX Nail lacquers are five free, meaning that they do not contain Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, or Camphor. The range is produced, cruelty free, in the USA.

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!!

    by MiseBeauty
    Posted on November 21, 2012 in Mise Beauty News, Uncategorized

    Welcome to our new site!!

    We’ve been excitedly looking forward to our website re-launch for some time now and we’ve worked like busy little bees to get it live just in time for Christmas - our gift to you all!

    We remain dedicated to providing you with both the brands you love & the latest, most coveted finds from around the world!

    All your favourite brands from our old site are here, but to celebrate our relaunch we have added some great new names to our roster of wonderful brands – Audaca, Sheswai & Slice Beauty to begin with - with many more on the way! Just keep an eye here on our blog to be first to know!

    We  have designed the site with you in mind -

    • Easier to navigate & search.
    • Online help at your fingertips.
    • A Wish-list for you to dream about!
    • Reward Points earned for every purchase!
    • Easy links to all Social Media.

    & We will be unveiling some new innovative features soon designed to make our site more stay tuned!

    So get ready to shop! As ever, our customer service team is here to assist you with everything - from individual product recommendations to help with gift ideas.

    Here on the Blog we will be introducing exciting new ranges, reviewing our wonderful brands, telling you more about all the products on offer & giving you tips on skincare & make-up.

    We hope that it becomes your essential reading and we can't wait to hear your own thoughts & ideas!

    Feel free to get in touch directly with us at or comment on any of the articles we post. You can also find us on twitter @MiseBeauty and on Facebook.

    MiseBeauty xx

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